Infrareds from Lewesdon Woods

I met up with Martin Beddoes and Adrian Johnson (from Dorchester Camera Club) towards the end of May at Lewesdon Woods to go take some Infrared shots.  Martin and I used our IR converted Nikon D70’s (mine was converted by ACS in the UK with a 715nm – which allows colour through).  Having never taken any IR shots in woods before it was quite an experience, not to mention I’ve only had the Nikon for a few months (I’m mainly a Canon user) so working my way around the camera was quite interesting as most things are the opposite to the Canons!!!

Lewesdon Beeches

Lewesdon Beeches

I just love the brightness that IR shots portray. The processing with the shots is really straight forward – levels, B&W converstion, contrast and that’s about it in CS3!!

Lewesdon Beech

Lewesdon Beech

I thought the angle & composition of this one was quite fun as well as the magicialness!!  The details that the Nikon gets has been really impressive!!

Spangle at Lewesdon

Spangle at Lewesdon

And I couldn’t not put a photo of one of my gorgeous girls (Spangle) who kept us all entertained with her various antics that day ie pain in the backside.

I’ll go though some more IR shots from that day to upload next time including some colour infrared ones!!


~ by mialewis on July 3, 2009.

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