Infrared Pets!!

I was just going through some of my Infrared shots and thought it might be fun to upload some pet ones!!  They look quite surreal, magical and fun!

The first two shots were taken with a IR converted Canon ESO400D (by Lifepixel in the US).  The gorgeous girl below is my Spangle, English Springer Spaniel.  I was thrilled with this shot especially the low angle of the camera looking up at her.  She does have quite a big head for her body and this really exaggerates that!!!  I also love her white whiskers on one side of her face!!  In processing  – I converted the original to Black & White and played with levels in Photoshop.



The next gorgeous model is my beautiful brown Doberman, Munchkin.  I took this shot a few minutes after the above shot of Spangle, as she wondered over to see what she was missing out on!!!  I decided not to convert it to Black & White.  In processing I “colour swapped” to get the sky blue, as well as leaving Munchkin Brown (similiar to her real-life colour!).  With Infrareds I find that it always helps to have clouds to add to the atmosphere!



The handsone chap below is Finn, an Irish Wolfhound.  I took this shot with a IR converted Nikon D70 (done by Advanced Camera Services in the UK), one cloudy, warm day and haven’t stop smiling since.  This guy is so huge, adorable and goofy and I feel this shot captures all these aspects of his character.  He honestly has the longest tongue and biggest nose!!  In processing I pretty much left this shot alone and just played with the levels in Photoshop.

Me & My Big Tongue

Me & My Big Tongue

I’ll be processing some more shots over the next week so will upload some more then, in the meantime Finn will keep me smiling!!


~ by mialewis on July 6, 2009.

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  1. Stunning images and a great blog!

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