Some Colour Infrareds

I finally processed some colour infrareds today!!  This one was taken last month with a Sony DSC-F717 and Hoya R72 filter.  I did a colour swap in Photoshop to bring the blue sky out.  I loved all the different clouds and the light.

Cloudy Ash

Cloudy Ash

The shot below was also taken in June whilst walking the dogs, with a IR converted Nikon D70.  I “colour swapped” the colours in photoshop again to bring out the blue sky.  I wish I had gotten out before they put the plastic on the bales – next time!!!

Bale Time

Bale Time

I love colour infrareds for the magicalness of them.  I’ve processed plenty over the last two years and they are great fun to do but sometimes really frustrating!!  My biggest problem are shots with sunny and shady parts – they can be a real pain to process!

Stready Skies

Streaky Skies

Although this isn’t a new shot I thought I’d upload it as it is my favourite!!  I took it last year – it’s an HDR shot from 3 exposures.  I used an IR converted Canon EOS400D.   The clouds were incredible that day – I’ve never seen anything like it before or since!!!  And it’s the same tree as the one in the first shot (obviously from a different angle)!!


~ by mialewis on July 13, 2009.

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