Given that the weather is so miserable this morning and that I’ve been up all night looking after my sick Spaniel – I thought I’d uplift the mood by uploading some flower shots that I’ve taken over the years!!  The flower below is a Celandine – a tiny flower that grows along Buttercups, Daisies & Dandelions in the grass.  It only opens its petals in the sun!!



The photo below is of a white Bluebell surrounded by blue Bluebells!!  It was taken in Hooke Woods in Dorset, which comes alive with Bluebells for a few weeks in Spring.  It really is sight to be seen!

White Bluebell

White Bluebell

And finally the shot below is of a Crocus – another gorgeous flower which appears in Spring and they can cover a huge area in purple, pink, white and sometimes yellow, making Spring such a beautiful time of year!!



Whilst looking through my collection I’ve seen so many wild Orchid shots which I will upload next time!


~ by mialewis on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Flowers!”

  1. Lovely blog Mia! Just noticed you had one on flickr so thought I’d say hey! I’ll put a link up to your blog on mine if thats ok?


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